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Do you have plans of putting more marketing dollars on your SEO efforts? For many businesses, this proves to be a wise decision. Search engines continue to be the primary source of web traffic for most websites, and the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The problem, however, is that it has also become more difficult to reach the top spot and hold onto your position. Boosting your chances of ranking for profitable keywords entails keeping up to date with the most important factors in SEO.

1) Content

If you collect a dollar every time you hear people say “content is king,” you’ll probably have hundreds of thousands in your bank account right now. But there’s a reason why marketers continue to preach high-quality content despite all the changes in Google’s search algorithm. But this doesn’t mean optimizing content for your target keywords. Instead, your content should be written using natural language instead of forcing keywords in an attempt to rank better.

Thanks to Hummingbird and RankBrain, Google has become smarter than ever in terms of picking the most relevant content to show to users. It’s common to see webpages that contain pretty much every information you need regarding a particular keyword. Beefing up your content to satisfy user queries should always be your goal from now on.

2) Backlinks

A ton of marketers still depends heavily on backlinks. They say that backlinks are so powerful that they can rank less-than-stellar content. But with so many automated link building tools, Google has started to devalue links coming from low-quality sources.

It’s still true that the more links you have, the more chances of your site ranking higher in the SERP. But this only applies if you have relevant links pointing to your site. Avoid blasting your site with thousands of links as this is a surefire way of getting penalized.

3) Mobile-First

In case you didn’t know, Google now uses mobile-first indexing. This is long overdue, considering that mobile searches have dethroned desktop searches for a few years already. Now, Google evaluates the mobile version of websites when determining where to place them in the search index.

Optimizing your website for mobile has become an increasingly important ranking factor. Not only will it boost your search engine rankings, but it can also have a huge impact on your conversion rates. You don’t want to piss off visitors by failing to offer optimal user experience.

4) Technical Factors

SEO is still full of technical aspects, but you don’t have to be a pro to learn how to do some basic enhancements. You can start by switching to HTTPS, which has been shown to have a direct correlation with first page rankings. You should also look at your H1 and H2 headings to give Google bots more clues about your content. And when building links, pay attention to your anchor text. Avoid using exact match anchor text too much, as this has been shown to increase the risk of a Penguin penalty.

If you made a decision to invest in SEO but money is a challenge, don’t get worried. There are many people offering search engine optimization cheap services. However, you don’t want to invest the little money you have on services that will not yield any favorable results. This is why you shouldn’t seek cheap SEO services blindly. There are rules that you need to follow when choosing an SEO expert even when the services they offer come at incredibly low prices.

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