Affordable SEO Services for Churches

S-Graphic-churchChurches have a tendency to think locally. Many focus their efforts solely on their geographical location and surrounding neighborhood, and give little thought to their impact outside their physical radius. Many churches also rely solely on the time and knowledge of their volunteers. Not every church has the technological resource of a web designer or someone proficient in the intricacies of organic SEO Services. A distinct advantage that Salterra SEO has is our dedication to Churches, Charities, and Foundations. We started our business with the express goal of being a valuable resource to those who need it most. Salterra organic SEO marketing can expand your goal of outreach exponentially.

Why do Churches need SEO services?

SEO for churches is very unique compared to search engine optimization strategies used in other industries. For a start, if you plan on making your church rank high online then your primary focus should be on the content. You must come up with content that is engaging to your target audience so they will find a reason to stay and come back in the future. Forget about the flashy web design, cute cartoons, and outlandish colors and concentrate on building some great information for your church website. The content should include press releases, articles, blogs, and even news that relates to similar churches in the world.

Secondlyyou will only succeed if you use the right keywords. The primary keyword for any church website should contain the church name and city. For instance, if your church’s name is North Carolina Christian Church, you can use “Christian Church in North Carolina” as your primary keyword. The community location is very important because most searches will include the name and location.  You also need to target long tail keywords instead of focusing on general keywords that are very competitive. It can seem like an involved process, but it definitely gets easier.

SEO for churches will succeed if there is a high volume of quality incoming web links. This basically means that you have to look for a number of websites and link them to yours. All these links have to be relevant, and there are different ways to find relevant links. For example, you can ask the congregation to link to the church website if they have their own websites. Small business owners and self-employed people may want to increase their own linking. Make this request on your church bulletin and you could get a good number of quality links from followers.

The other way to get relevant links is to list your church in some of the online directories for churches in the area. For instance, if the church is in California, look for a directory for all churches in California and get listed. This will give the church website a lot of exposure locally and beyond. Additionally, since SEO for churches cannot succeed without quality content, start a blog on the site and post regularly and relevantly.

How May We Serve You!!

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SEO for Churches is critical!

In our interaction with church leaders, their overwhelming answer to “How do visitors find out about your church?” is “From our website.” So it is unfortunate that many church web sites look out of date, lack current or relevant information, or don’t even show up on search engines.

A good SEO Project starts with a good web design. Salterra Web Design can help you with a design that is SEO friendly and a site that search engines will love. Click Here for more info>>>Salterra Web Design

The apostle Paul wrote in Colossians 4:5 – “Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity.” While Paul certainly didn’t have web sites in mind, the principle applies. Church leaders need to be wise in the way they attract those outside the church. You may only have one opportunity to attract people to your web site. Another component of Salterra SEO strategy is social media, which has become another outlet that can further your growth, if managed well.  Utilizing many of the same strategies we employ with our business clients, we are able to provide the same metrics, keyword analysis, conversion tactics, and content relevancy and apply it to your site. Call Salterra for our Organic SEO Services today!

Organic SEO Services for Churches