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S-Graphic-local-insideOur goal at Salterra local business SEO is to get your business name and website in front of people who are physically located in your area. Local consumers are going online to find local businesses, so it is important to be visible in order to acquire new business.  Search engines are the modern-day yellow pages, and your potential customers are looking to find where you, your products, and services are located. Google has cornered the market on search algorithms for over a decade. Until recently, people still had to use the telephone book to look up local businesses, and this has been a standard for decades. Statistics now show that up to 82% of local consumers use search engines to look up local businesses! Phone books are antiquated in our digital society. This has crucial implications for any business that relies on local customers.  Think of the next generation, most people under 25 rely on the internet for everything, from research in school to where to meet friends for lunch. Consider your customers of the future, and meet them where they are.

Why Local business Search Engine Optimization Is Important

Using a few key strategies can help you succeed in local business Search Engine Optimization. Adding your location to some of the meta tags, and using keywords from those tags in your body text, as well as making sure your website is listed in popular listings like Google Places in order to give your site relevant links are just a few of the many strategies we employ to ensure your website is seen.

Local business Search Engine Optimization can also succeed by making use of local search engines. There are countries like China that have their own search engines. Try to enhance your presence on some of these local search engines instead on only focusing on the global ones like Google and Bing. You also need to invest in SEO campaigns. Activities like pay per click advertising can be great ideas to boost your local visibility.

Perform frequent keyword checks so that you can replace the non performing keywords with better ones. There are certain times when most people stop using specific search phrases. You also need to make the necessary changes if you want the business SEO campaign to work. Get to know the kind of keywords being used by your competitors and how well they work.

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It’s not even enough to have a web presence. Your site, regardless of how amazing it is, is not serving its purpose if no one can find it. That is why local business Search Engine Optimization is so important. Web searchers report extremely high satisfaction ratings for their local search results (92%) even though a significant portion of them (39%) “frequently” cannot locate a specific local business that is known to them. There is a growing trend to support locally owned businesses and we at Salterra SEO want to support that as well, because locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy.

Web Design is vital to a good SEO Project. Salterra Web Design can repair or help you with a design that is local business SEO friendly and a site that the search engines will love. Click Here for more info>>>Salterra SEO & Web Design

Final Local Business SEO Thoughts

What all of this means is that individual businesses are often far behind the curve when it comes to local search penetration, and their customers are going elsewhere. Local search showed them a similar business that satisfied their needs. This is not a competition local businesses can afford to lose. Word of mouth marketing is still king, but businesses must learn how to spread that word of mouth online through current technology. Here is where Salterra local business SEO can help.

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