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Salterra's Arizona SEO service campaigns won't break the bank.Affordable and cheap mean two entirely different things in life and in the world of Search Engine Optimization.  Arizona SEO service campaigns don’t have to break the bank, they can be affordable and help you reach your goals. Good AZ SEO doesn’t mean you look at your campaign as if you have a shot gun, spattering around the target with the goal to get somewhere close to the center. Most SEO campaigns at Salterra are very specific, aimed directly at the center of your marketing target. This precise approach creates a goal that is reachable, affordable and can be tracked for success. The shot gun approach can be very expensive and have little positive results. Of course, you can get lucky once in awhile, but it’s not easily replicated. You can also look at your SEO campaigns like  walking down a rocky path, you will stay on your feet longer, and be be more stable than you would if you were running haphazardly down the rocky path.

Popular websites are everywhere; as vast as the ocean. Marketing search engines are running overtime! Taking a company mainstream to the top of the internet is like trying to land a whale with a row boat.  Everyone is competing for the same fish.  The success comes to those using the tastiest bait, perfect for the type of fish they wish to catch, and using all the proper equipment necessary.  Search engine optimization puts the best bait in front of the right customers, and your product or service is your equipment.  Actual buyers for the product, not just viewer hits, come from the best SEO in AZ.  Substantive keywords that are attractively packaged have the potential to catch the customers. The Best AZ SEO can also be Scottsdale SEO. You just need to find the right company: (*hint*- Salterra) You also know that from our previous blog posts, cheap doesn’t always mean ineffective or lacking….

Top ten lists of the top producers spread broadly across the entire internet have a very low buyer per visitor rate.  How many sites for cars, computers, goods and services, are flipped through like a magazine and don’t result in a sale?

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The costs involved in starting up hit the new business owner like a wave. The potential outlay to reach all potential customers gives him(or her) visions of profits as elusive as the Golden Mahseer (the #1 most mystical fish to catch).  A better look at the situation shows reaching all the masses is for the mega whales of industry. You can’t expect a small company to go against the mega-conglomerates without the same resources, but at Salterra, we have a way that you can compete on a level playing field. Success can be achieved by narrowing the target for your buyers. The best Arizona SEOone that works well for your company, will do just that.

The number of hits a Arizona SEO company (like Salterra) can produce is dazzling.  Charts, graphs and analytics with big numbers can make the business owner feel lost before he gets started. We know that hits do not equal sales. The truth is that the owner only needs to reach those who need his product. Target your market like a good fisherman chooses the right bait for the right fish. (insert witty bait analogy here) Good quality SEO teams work diligently to factor the best keywords for the current market trends and focus on how to reach your best customers. Now, lets go reel them in!

A good SEO company will dissect your website and make recommendations according to your goals. ( Not theirs) Salterra is not afraid to tell you that you are biting more off than you can chew with your budget. The SEO company you chose should direct you in what is best for the money you want to spend. Many companies have made mistakes when hiring a Arizona SEO company because they go after their goals with a shotgun instead carefully taking aim with a more precise weapon.  Contact us today  so we can show you how SEO results can be achieved and still be affordable.

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Web Design & Arizona SEO = Best SEO in AZ

Web Design and SEO need to work well with each other. It’s like a recipe, if you don’t blend the ingredients the right way, you have the potential for lumps, chunks and choppy designs that work against each other. As the internet has evolved, older websites, built on older platforms can play against your SEO strategy. We realize that you paid a significant sum to have that little gem of a website created to your specifications, and we do try to work around it. After all, not everything new is better. We can refresh your site, still keeping the ingredients that made it special to you in the first place, by cleaning up dead links, and dated layouts.

Image heavy websites are a different dish as well, they need to compensate with large amounts of relevant content in order to be worthy of the search engines; robots can’t see what is inside the image. Some older websites were built by images with a few places for content outside of a picture. Evolutions in structure and design of the internet has given us a more refined palate for dynamic, responsive sites that are aesthetically pleasing and full of all the deliciousness your company has to offer.


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Where do we get relevant content?? If you’re like me, running a business, a family and a personal life, (ok, running a Business- the family kinda runs me…) taking the time out to write relevant, interesting and informational articles for my blog doesn’t always rate high up on my list of things that I can actually get accomplished. I have high expectations, as I’m sure you do as well, but at some point I need to realize that as much as I try: I really can’t do EVERYTHING!!  Enter the best thing since sliced bread: content writers!! (ok, maybe there have been a few MAJOR inventions between bread slicing and writing content, but just go with me for a minute)

There are many people out there that can write fresh, informative, relative articles that will help you to put yourself out there in the “blogosphere” and utilize their combined efforts and make a difference for your website. This is a great opportunity to leverage their skills and keep your time management manageable. (relatively speaking, of course) If you aren’t able to afford a professional content writer ( they are much more cost effective than you may realize) you can try to ask around to any of your friends and a see if they have the skills and ability to write a couple of articles to get you started then progress to a content writer. I’m sure you have a college student somewhere in your Facebook friends list, or a teacher who would be willing to work with you.  Who knows, you may be helping them to add to their resume or supplement with a part time job as a content writer! There is always the tried and true system of bartering, just make sure it’s win-win.

We here have always had a philosophy that if we all work together and help each other, we can all go farther: TOGETHER!

Salterra Web Design is an affordable web design company that can not only build you a website that will always be SEO friendly and expandable, but we can look at your older site and make recommendations most companies may not know exist. Choose Salterra, Scottsdale SEO, and you will be hiring the best SEO in AZ that works with you and your budget to create a recipe for success.

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Affordable SEO Services in AZ main imageAre you looking for Affordable SEO Services in Arizona? Salterra SEO can help you with SEO, PPC (Pay per click), SMO (Social media optimization) and all other aspects of your internet presence. We offer true professional SEO services, web services, and are a true Organic SEO Company based in Scottsdale, AZ.

Good Search Engine Optimization drives traffic, forms leads and generates sales, Salterra SEO knows how to turn your website into a lean, efficient site that works for you! We are an Arizona seo company, striving to be the Best Arizona SEO company.

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Cheap SEO services aren’t always what you need. If you’re in a niche market with a high number of competing websites or websites that have been established for a long time, you need a far more intensive internet marketing and SEO strategy to gain that coveted ranking on page 1!

Don’t be left behind. Do churches need SEO? Absolutely! It used to be said, in the business world, that if you weren’t in the yellow pages, you didn’t exist. Now, if you don’t show up in a Google search, you don’t exist. Getting the best church SEO will not only help you find people in your neighborhood, but across town, across the country and the reach across the world to deliver God’s message. Affordable SEO for churches.

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How do you become one of the top SEO companies in Arizona?, by offering professional SEO services for ALL of your clients. What works in SEO for niche markets, doesn’t always work for nationwide campaigns. You need a company that not only knows the difference, but will employ several key strategies and techniques to get you there. The biggest is not always the best, and the best is not always the biggest SEO company. Don’t be fooled by cheap SEO services in Az, find a company that offers you value, best practices, and professional seo services.

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Good Search Engine Optimization drives traffic, forms leads and generates sales, Salterra SEO knows how to turn your website into a lean, efficient site that works for you! We are an Arizona SEO company, striving to be the Best search engine optimization Phoenix. Click Here >> FREE Evaluation or Call 480.273.2273

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