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About Salterra

Salterra SEO was created out of a necessity to help our own clients, but it quickly grew and has become a major focus of our company. While web design has been our primary passion, the utilization search engine optimization quickly became foundational. Many companies feel that SEO should take care of itself, but what most don’t realize is that so many other factors are involved in Internet Marketing. Keyword ranking, link building, conversion, analytics, all these factors and more create a cohesive strategy that can elevate your business and create the exposure that you are looking for. Business is very competitive as we all know, and having a targeted strategic approach with measurable results can be the difference your company needs. Every business is unique, even direct competitors can benefit from a specialized plan of action. Not all SEO companies are the same; utilizing a ‘cookie-cutter’ or one size fits all technique to SEO can actually hurt your rankings. Carefully consider what method you are using, bad or incorrect SEO can actually hurt your site worse than no SEO at all. The sad reality is that not all websites are built to utilize search engine optimization; third party web builders create an insurmountable obstacle that may not be overcome. The important factor is to objectively look at what you are establishing with your strategy and how it can affect your business in the long run. Contact Salterra for a no-obligation, FREE pdf report on where your website is so you can know where your site stands and take appropriate action.